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Steve Likes to Curse
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Now this is an ALCS I can get behind 
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 | 02:15 pm [baseball, commentary]
We don’t yet know which two teams will play in the 2007 World Series. We do know, however, that the Series will be a contest between one of the National League’s junior members, and one of the American League’s founding franchises. The Colorado Rockies (established in 1993) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (established in 1998) play for the National League pennant this week, while over in the AL it’s the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians.
I haven’t looked forward to an ALCS this much since the last time the Orioles played in one, before the turn of the century. Sure, watching the Red Sox come back after losing three straight to beat the Yankees four games in a row to win the pennant in 2004 was a huge thrill, but I was so nervous watching most of those games that I couldn’t enjoy myself. Now the pressure’s off. The Red Sox got their championship in ’04, the Indians sent the Wankees packing by winning their Division Series last night, and all that’s left is for me to sit back and enjoy what I hope will be an exciting American League Championship Series, to whet my palette for the Fall Classic.
I’m pulling for the Red Sox, I suppose. They are the Red Sox, afterall. But Cleveland winning a World Series wouldn’t break my heart. Shit, Boston got theirs, the ChiSox got theirs, maybe that means the Indians are due one — it’s been 59 years since they last got to hold a World Series victory parade in the Forest City. Maybe winning the big one this year will give the Tribe the self-confidence necessary to finally retire their incredibly racist American Indian caricature logo, Chief Wahoo. Look at him over there, grinning his big toothy injun grin. He’d never kidnap John Wayne’s niece or try to rape Madeline Stowe, would he? I think “Indians” is a fine name for a ball club. But it’s time to send Chief Wahoo to the Embarrassing Mascots Retirement Home with Golliwogg and the guy from the Coon Chicken Inn sign.
And one more thing, Cleveland — if you beat Boston in the ALCS, you’d goddamn well better win the World Series. None of this “beating who Steve rooted for, then losing to an expansion team” bullshit. (You know what I'm talking about.) Arizona got its World Series in 2001 when they beat the Yankees (heh heh), and those people in Colorado don’t deserve one — they killed JonBenét Ramsey.
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