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Steve Likes to Curse
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Daniel Hauser’s family relents on chemotherapy, still manages to lose my sympathy 
Thursday, May 28th, 2009 | 12:27 pm [commentary, news, religion]

In a story that will hopefully prove me wrong and turn out to have a happy ending afterall, the mother of 13 year-old Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient Daniel Hauser has returned to Minnesota with her son and agreed to allow him to receive the chemotherapy treatments which are the only realistic hope of saving his life. Daniel’s first treatment is scheduled for today.


A little late, but the Hausers did come around eventually and do the right thing by allowing their son to undergo the difficult and painful chemotherapy treatment that has an excellent chance of curing his cancer. So why are the Hausers still on my shitlist? Because they’ve set up a website soliciting donations from the public to help pay their legal and medical bills.


And what’s so wrong with that? Don’t these people have a right to seek help to pay their expenses? Sure they do. But their legal expenses were only incurred because they chose to go to extraordinary measures to withhold a lifesaving medical treatment from their dying son. And the medical expenses they need help paying are the result of the various crackpot “alternative treatments,” such as ionized water and Echinacea, they chose to employ instead of the chemotherapy their son’s doctors recommended. Daniel’s chemo is covered by the family’s health insurance.


Cancer patients, and anyone with a serious medical condition that requires lengthy and expensive treatment, are well aware of the potential financial troubles. The Hausers, guided by their illogical and totally unfounded religious beliefs (to which they were led by a convicted fraud named “Cloudpiler” Landis), augmented that burden by pursuing an idiotic legal battle and a bevy of useless, discredited holistic treatments.


I feel bad for any child with such morons for parents, and even worse for Daniel, a child with morons for parents who is also dying of cancer. I hope his restarted chemotherapy isn’t coming too late, and I hope he is soon among the 90% of Hodgkin’s patients cured of the disease by chemo and radiation. But I have no desire to lift a single finger even slightly to help his stupid, pathetic mother and father out of a hole they dug themselves.

Monday, June 8th, 2009 | 06:00 pm (UTC) - Let's Get The Facts in The Hauser Case
I am totally sick at the outright lies being expressed in this case; however, I cannot blame most people for making these expressions.

The modern medical establishment shrewdly used its prestige and power so that IT will be viewed as THE only legitimate health care. It did this by heavily defaming the natural healing professions, calling them "quacks " and "voodoo doctors."

So everyone was taught to believe that modern medical treatments are "real" medicine, while any natural things are old fashioned unscientific superstitions.


Almost all of the modern pharmaceutical drugs are artificial poisonous substances which do not belong inside a human body. When ingested, they may push down certain illness mechanisms, but they also push the rest of the body into unnatural states and thus cause the development of other injuries. The modern medical world openly admits this, and says that these are "side effects" of the medications.

The modern conventional chemotherapy drugs are severely toxic items. How much they effectively stop the cancerous growths is often questionable. What is not questionable about them are their extremely terrible well known side effects: horrific pain, unstoppable vomiting, total loss of hair, massive weight gain, destruction of memory, and destruction of immunity, possibly leading to death. I repeat, chemo, with its destruction of the immune system, can actually, yes, CAUSE DEATH to happen from even a small infection!

So on the contrary! Mrs. Coleen Hauser was trying to save her son's life; I repeat, Mrs. Hauser was trying to, yes, SAVE hers son's life -- from, Lord Forbid, either outright death, or being turned into a deformed invalid.

By sharp contrast, the techniques of the natural healing fields are geared to support and help the body reset and reactivate its proper functioning, and the "medicines" used are mostly natural materials that the body needs as "food" to fuel these functions.

At the same time, it must be noted that the natural professions do not completely reject the work of modern medicine. On the contrary, they greatly appreciate and admire modern medicine's accomplishments and openly declare that there are numerous situations where modern drugs and surgery are what is needed.

What they do say though is that there are numerous conditions that can be effectively taken care of with appropriate natural techniques with minimal side effects. Therefore, in those cases, they strongly condemn the standard world for unnecessarily subjecting patients to harmful drugs or dangerous operations. Furthermore, even where standard work is needed, natural work can still help in two ways: 1. It can cause some improvement so that less medication or less invasive surgery is needed. 2. It can help repair the side effect damage from the harsh drug or surgery.

Therefore, the natural professions call what they do "Complementary Medicine" or "Integrated Medicine." One of the top holistic doctors told me: "We try to take the best of both worlds."

And this is what Mrs. Hauser wanted to do! She openly said that she was not against chemotherapy; because of the severe problems of chemo though, she understandably wanted it only as a last resort. She further wanted that any chemo work should be complemented with natural work to lessen the pain her son would have. She thus wanted to go to one of the cancer centers in Mexico where they specialize in combining needed chemotherapy and radiation with appropriate natural therapies.

She was not allowed any of this.


The standard doctors have NOW said that she COULD have some complementary things. That is certainly very nice! All that I know though is that with their new chemo rounds, Daniel has been violently vomiting as much as ever!
Monday, June 8th, 2009 | 06:37 pm (UTC) - Re: Let's Get The Facts in The Hauser Case
Is it relevant to you at all that the holistic methods Mrs. Hauser used to treat her son have been proven to be utterly useless?

Chemotherapy is a very difficult treatment. It often makes patients much sicker before they begin to improve. I'm not surprised that Daniel has been vomiting. He's probably experiencing other unsavory symptoms, too. That's a shame. But while the chemo and radiation are causing these comparatively superficial symptoms, they are also curing his cancer.

Chemotherapy is a terrible ordeal for its patients, but in the case of Hodgkins lymphoma, the disease afflicting Daniel, it cures — cures — over 90% of patients. Ionized water and vitamin therapy doesn't cure cancer. It doesn't affect cancer at all.
Friday, June 12th, 2009 | 09:28 pm (UTC) - Re: Let's Get The Facts in The Hauser Case
Mr. nightwingwilson:

With all due respect, your closing statement: "Ionized water and vitamin therapy doesn't cure cancer. It doesn't affect cancer at all" -- WOW! -- bespeaks a level of prejudice that, hitherto, I only heard about in classes on discrimination in school!

Obviously, you want what is correct. Therefore, since the holy modern medical official establishmen stated that natural things are worthless rubbish, so what Mrs. Hauser did with her son was just that -- worthless rubbish!

Again, the truth is the exact opposite.

Several double-blind clinical studies have verified the numerous benefits to many areas of health of various nutrients. For examples of nutrients with cancer, see:






By sharp contrast, besides the long list of harmful reactions that often come immediatly with chemotherapy, there is a long term side effect that it itself causes more cancer! That's right! Whatever benefit there is in chemo pushing down one form of cancer, that chemo now gives the patient a much higher risk of getting other more serious forms of cancer!

Your overall point is that chemo is what is needed for cancer and specifically Daniel's cancer. Evidently, you did not fully read my essay. For I clearly related that despite the problems of modern drugs and the very big problems of chemo drugs, the natural world still says that these are useful items that are needed in many instances. What has been discovered though, is that in the cases where a modern drug or chemo or radiation is necessary, the use of appropriate natural remedies can make the drug work better and can lessen the side effect damage.

Your opening charge was: "the holistic methods Mrs. Hauser used to treat her son have been proven to be utterly useless."



Now it very well could also be that, being a "lay woman," Mrs. Hauser would not know the exact formulation of which vitamins and which amounts of each vitamin that Daniel needed.

And, it very well could also be that, as I just explained above, yes, even from a holistic view, Daniel's case did warrent some chemo or radiation work.

This is why Mrs. Hauser wanted to go to one of the holistic cancer centers in Mexico where there are professional doctors who are specialists in these techniques of combining chemo/radiation therapies with natural therapies.

But again, the holy, holy medical police would not allow this.
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