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Steve Likes to Curse
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What's up with Muslims hating dogs? And did you know about this horror movie triple feature? 
Saturday, October 20th, 2007 | 12:27 pm [film, library, personal]
This morning at the library in Smithsburg, Pat, the manager who retired when Ashley took over, held a dog show for people from the town.  Ten dogs showed up, plus Crunch, a narcotics-trained police dog who gave a demonstration of his skill with his owner, Deputy McCauley.  The show was a smashing success, and all the dogs were awesome — and I don't just say that because I was a judge.

Seeing so many great dogs and their competent and humane owners around reminded me of perhaps the biggest single reason I could never be a Muslim.  Even if I didn't find the religious doctrines of Islam to be arbitrary and silly, and even if much of Muslim culture was not militant and misogynistic, I'd still rather choose the beheading over the conversion.  Afterall, Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, pretty much any religion you could name, are all based on ludicrous beliefs influenced by mistold history and the personal preferences and politics of their often insane founding figures, too.  What sets Islam apart from those other equally wacky faiths is the incomprehensible mistrust and dislike of dogs.

Most Muslims don't like dogs because their faith's lunatic founding prophet, Muhammad, didn't like them.  Muslims in many sects aren't allowed to even touch a dog.  What kind of a sick religion is this?  I can't think of a more wonderful, essential, heroic animal than a dog (no offense, Ottie).  No wonder there are so many nutjobs over in the Middle East blowing one another up in suicide bombings.  The road from hating dogs to pious terrorism is a short one, indeed.

On a lighter note, the classic monster movie triple feature is tonight at the Smithsburg Library, starting at 5 P.M. with Horror of Dracula, and continuing the rest of the night with Frankenstein and The Wolf Man.  Come for one, stay for all three, but show up.  Unless you never want to see your family again.  Up to you.
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