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Steve Likes to Curse
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So my bank got robbed yesterday 
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 | 03:44 pm [hagerstown, personal]
The M&T Bank on the Dual Highway here in peaceful, racially tolerant Hagerstown, MD, was robbed at gunpoint yesterday by two masked men who were last seen running toward the rear of the nearby Weis grocery store on Eastern Boulevard. A teller happened to be on the phone as the two men in ski masks walked into the lobby, and told the person she was talking to call 911. A Washington County Deputy Sheriff arrived soon after and caught one of the men walking into the woods behind the bank. When the deputy approached in his cruiser, the man turned and produced a shotgun. He ordered the deputy to hand over his weapon, which the deputy did. He fired at the tire of the deputy’s cruiser, hitting the rim, then ran off with his partner through the woods, toward Weis. Both men — reportedly black, one tall and skinny, the other short and stocky — are still at large.

Since the Herald-Mail is a useless embarrassment of a newspaper with the world’s worst website, here’s the story from MSNBC, courtesy of our local TV station, WHAG.

That was my bank those guys robbed. I opened my accounts there this past spring, after I got my tax refunds. The scary part: I was just in that building four months ago. It gives me a chill up my spine when I think that I could have been one of the people not killed by these brazen daylight burglars.

How much must it suck to be that first deputy on the scene? He pulls up, doesn’t even have a chance to get out of his car, and some dude’s pointing a shotgun at him and demanding his sidearm. Just goes to prove the point, never be the first person to arrive anywhere. If you’re a cop and you get a robbery call, and you’re the nearest to the scene, take your time. Go the speed limit, leave the flashers off. Slow down at that yellow light, give the other guys time to get there first, then go tearing into the parking lot with siren blaring like you’ve been racing in at top speed all this time.

Also, are we absolutely certain it was two black guys who did this? Because I’ve noticed Tim Rowland hanging around HCC a lot lately. It’s not far from the bank, and I do not trust that man.

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Thursday, October 25th, 2007 | 09:50 pm (UTC)
I was arguing with people on the Herald-Mail forum about this. The cop shouldn't have given up his gun. How did the robber suddenly produce a shotgun? Even if he had it hidden in his coat, the cop should have been able to tell that he was carrying a shotgun.

The Washington County Sheriff Department needs to collectively stop and think about what they want to be when they grow up. So far they have only shown a talent for sitting on Robinwood where the speed limit dips from 40 to 25 and writing tickets.

Did you ask Tim Rowland for his autograph? I didn't have the guts the time I saw him and his lady in Wal-Mart buying eggs.
Thursday, October 25th, 2007 | 10:24 pm (UTC)
I find it difficult to question the actions of the cop in this situation, but it struck me as funny that he saw the guy walking into the woods and didn't even bother to get out of his car before calling to him. If you arrive at the scene of an armed robbery, and you see someone fleeing the scene through the woods, I don't think it's being overzealous to get out of the car and draw your gun before you get his attention. If the deputy had done that, not only would he still have his gun, he'd probably have collared the robbers and been a hero.

But like I said, who am I to second-guess the poor guy?

If you want a second chance at getting Rowland's autograph, just take a seat in the hallway of the classroom building at HCC and wait a few minutes, because he's there all the time lately. I heard in the spring that he was interested in teaching creative writing, but that position is taken by the great Douglas Scott Hessler. Maybe they've got Rowland fetching coffee and kruellers while he waits for someone in the English department to retire.
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