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Steve Likes to Curse
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Imus in, Bennett out, all once more right with the world 
Sunday, December 9th, 2007 | 12:09 pm [commentary, hagerstown]
Talk radio host Don Imus, who was fired from his nationally syndicated radio/television simulcast earlier this year for saying something moderately rude about a college women’s basketball team, returned to work last week with a new version of his Imus in the Morning program, now emanating from WABC in New York. The good news for me is that, starting tomorrow at 6 a.m., his show will also be airing in Hagerstown, on 1490 WARK.

Thank Christ. When Imus was fired eight months ago, WARK filled his old slot by simply simulcasting his old flagship station, WFAN. So I got loud, Brooklyn-accented sports talk for a few months, which wasn’t so bad. It was the heart of baseball season — a little too much Yankees talk, but I got used to it.

Then, WARK picked up Morning in America, the torturously dull morning show devoted to shilling for the Republican party, hosted by author, professor, and winner of the Jabba the Hutt look-alike contest four years running, Bill Bennett. After a few months of driving to morning classes listening to this exhibition of softball political interviews, Reagan deification, and bumper music consisting solely of doo-wop and classic R&B — which, while excellent, seems to be the only music Bennett knows to exist — with everything presented on the blatantly false premise that Bennett — who regularly forgets the names of guests or people in the news, and the titles of his supposed favorite songs — is an intelligent and insightful commentator, I gave up and switched to NPR.

(Take a breath after that sentence. Jesus Christ.)

So yeah, good riddance, Bill Bennett and welcome back Don Imus. Sure, that monotone drawl and the fat guy who does all those lame-ass impressions get tiresome from time to time, but they beat the hell out of Bennett incessantly playing Chuck Berry’s “Run, Run, Rudolph” on the way in and out from commercial breaks, then assuring us that it doesn’t mean he’s “in the tank for Giuliani.” Har har har.

Bring on the old guy in the cowboy hat.
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