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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
Sicker McSickerson 
Monday, February 11th, 2008 | 10:03 am [personal, politics, random]
If you noticed how much funnier the fake news article on Saturday was than the ones I usually write, that's because Ashley wrote that one.  I've felt like shit the last few days, and she has kindly shared her considerable wit and talent with this humble, shitty little blog.  I still feel horrible, but less so.

My most recent "Why I Hate Bob Parasiliti" article has been updated after I received an email from Herald-Mail Sports Editor Mark Keller, so check that out to read what Mark had to say about my characterization of Bob as an over-eating interview jumper.

While I was spending the weekend on the couch, Barack Obama was busy whipping Hillary Clinton's ass, winning all five Democratic primaries and caucuses held on Saturday and Sunday.  He now holds a slim lead in the delegate count, though hopefully tomorrow's primaries in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia will help him pull further ahead.  Seeing Obama put her away and send her slinking back to the Senate would just about make my year.

In my NyQuil-induced delirium Saturday night, I began writing an article to post, but couldn't quite finish it.  Things worked out for the best, since Ashley's articles the last two days have been great, but let's take a look at what I wrote on Saturday, just for shits and giggles:

No time lef, nyQuil's got me . . . must . . . make fun of Mitt Romney . . . one last time . . .

Romney out of race, wonder if this means he's . . . pro-choice again.

. . . sweet . . . unconsciousness . . .

So, yeah.
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