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Steve Likes to Curse
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Checking in with my old pals at the American Free Press 
Thursday, February 21st, 2008 | 10:10 am [commentary, conspiracy theories, politics]
Sure, sure, our newspaper here in Hagerstown, the Old Gray Lady with Cortical Dementia, the Herald-Mail,  is useless except when put to a practical use as a birdcage liner, kindling, or emergency toilet paper.  But we proud citizens of Washington County, Maryland, can at least cheer ourselves with the knowledge that our local paper, shit rag that it is, ain't the American Free Press.

As I've mentioned before, the American Free Press is a weekly publication put out by old school racist and conspiracy theorist Willis Carto.  It trumpets itself as "America's Last Real Newspaper," the only remaining outlet for the true voice of the people, now that the media is dominated by conglomerates and corporate interests.  I was curious this morning about what's really going on in America, so I checked out the top story in America's Last Real Newspaper:


AUSTIN, Tex.—The Ron Paul Liberty Ball held here showed that the spirited supporters of the Texas congressman will not entertain the notion of giving up, despite the dominant media’s obvious attempts to pretend Paul does not exist and predetermine winners and losers with poll results that bear little resemblance to reality.

Just three Republicans are still in the race—Paul, John McCain and Mike Huckabee. However, the television news media now give Huckabee and McCain exalted status. Even as Huckabee loses steam, Paul is rarely mentioned. News commentators often say things like “Huckabee is a distant third” right after Romney and McCain are lauded. And Paul’s name is left out, as the media slyly deceives its viewers.

You can click the headline to read the rest, if you're interested.

The AFP has been Congressman Paul's number one cheerleader ever since his quixotic and strange campaign for the presidency began.  Even now, with his defeat a mathematical certainty, they continue to spend ink and paper on propping up Paul's hopeless push for the Republican nomination.  Why?  Because Paul is the only candidate in either party who has ever even so much as cast a glance in the AFP's direction.

The story recycles the AFP's standard gripes about corporate media trying to silence or excluse Ron Paul, and has a lot to say on the enthusiasm of the Paul supporters who attended the Liberty Ball, which was apparently held in a coffee shop in Austin.  The Ball was so emphatically unimportant that Paul himself declined to attend, sending his son to press the flesh and brag about how much money the campaign has raised on the internet, and what a great doctor his dad is.

Nowhere does the story mention the fact that Ron Paul has not won any of the primaries contested so far, and only finished second twice, and third once, before Mitt Romney withdrew from the race.  Paul has actually finished behind Romney in several states which held their primaries after Romney ended his campaign.  He's losing to people who aren't even running anymore.  Even if Paul somehow swept every remaining primary and won all 947 available delegates, he would still be short of the 1,191 needed to clinch the nomination.  The best he can hope for, the never-gonna-happen dream scenario, is to deny the nomination to McCain and force a brokered convention, where the Republican party would gather to nominate someone who would definitely not be Ron Paul.

The media isn't responsible for the failure of Ron Paul's presidential campaign.  The people of the Republican party, in state after state after state, have said unambiguously that they want someone other than Ron Paul to be their nominee.  He's won no primaries, nearly no delegates, and he has no chance.  He's still running at this point because attending the occasional fundraiser or campaign rally beats sitting in congressional committee meetings all fucking day.  If your day job is being a member of the House of Representatives, who the hell wouldn't rather be running for president?

In conclusion, fuck the American Free Press.
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