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Steve Likes to Curse
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Hillary Clinton takes a licking and keeps on lying 
Thursday, May 8th, 2008 | 02:48 pm [commentary, politics]
Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination is over, except for the fact that she is still campaigning. Yesterday and today she’s been stumping in West Virginia ahead of their primary next week, a state she’s widely expected to win, which will not affect the outcome of the race whatsoever. Like her head-scratching claim Tuesday night that she had “broken the tie” with her squeaked-out victory in Indiana, Hillary’s stump speech to folks in the land of the Wild and Wonderful has a few lines that are not just distortions of reality, but utterly bizarre. No mere lies, these, but audacious, brazen, jaw-slackening ziggurats of untruth.
For instance, this quote from a talk she gave to supporters in West Virginia earlier today:
Some in Washington wanted us to end our campaign – and then we won in New Hampshire. Then we had huge victories on Super Tuesday and then we won Ohio and Texas and Pennsylvania and I was never supposed to win Indiana.
Actually, Hillary, you were not only supposed to win Indiana, you were supposed to beat Obama there just as decisively as when he beat you in North Carolina that same night.
Had Obama managed to eek out a slim win in Indiana, it would have been a major upset. All you have to do is check the Indiana primary page at RealClearPolitics, which shows unambiguously that Hillary was always the frontrunner in Indiana, that polls had her leading Obama by as much as 16% less than a month before the election, while the largest lead attributed to Obama in any of the polls was 5%.
Trying to position herself as a surging underdog and painting her long expected but irrelevant win in Indiana as a major upset go beyond political spin. There is no rational interpretation of what happened on Tuesday which supports Hillary’s “tiebreaker” claim that night, or her “never supposed to win Indiana” line today. Before the first vote was cast in the 2008 campaign, she was universally accepted as the frontrunner and presumptive nominee. Now, after winning fewer delegates, fewer states, and fewer popular votes than Barack Obama, she is a failed, defeated candidate.
She will not be the Democratic nominee. It is plain to see. It can only be her ego-driven sense of entitlement that keeps her from bowing to reality and ending her campaign. With no hope of being the winner, Hillary now seems determined to make a big noise as a sore loser. She tells the people who gather to hear her speak that her campaign is about them, but the fact that she is still out there plugging away, defeated and out of money, tells me that her campaign is, and always has been, about no one but her.

What a pitiful human being.
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