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Steve Likes to Curse
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Affiliate this, ya bastards 
Saturday, September 16th, 2006 | 10:20 pm [commentary, hagerstown]
The Herald-Mail has a "humor" columnist named Tim Rowland, whom I normally toss into the same bin with that piece of shit Bob Parasiliti.  But this time, I have to give it to ol' Tim.  Last week prior to the primary election, he wrote a column that I thought was pretty good.  It's right here.

I was with him all the way up to the whitewall bit at the end, but 75% of a decent article is way above his average, so he gets a pat on the back from me.  Fine job, Rowland.  Though I might be biased, as I am also one of the few, the proud, the unaffiliated.

In other news, Ashley and I went to see The Black Dahlia last night.  It was dogshit, but during the annoying pre-preview infomercial they show we saw a behind-the-scenes feature on the upcoming movie Stranger Than Fiction, which has an interesting premise but, Ash and I agreed, a pretty shitty title.  The protagonist's name is Harold Crick, so Ashley and I came up with the following alternate titles:

Up Shit Crick
Built Like a Crick Shithouse

I think those would both be upgrades.
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