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Steve Likes to Curse
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I thought Bush was the Antichrist . . . 
Thursday, September 21st, 2006 | 10:47 am [commentary, politics]

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was at the United Nations in New York yesterday to address the General Assembly.  He called U.S. President Bush “the devil,” and even went so far as to cross himself and say that the room still “smells of sulfur.”  I’m not an admirer of Chavez, especially – I don’t sit up and slap my flippers together every time the guy tosses a “fuck you” Bush’s way – but going to the U.N. and calling the President of the United States the devil?  How do you not love that?


He also said the U.N. was worthless.  No argument here.  What gets me about Chavez is how much people seem to hate the guy.  What’d he do that was so bad?  He’s a democratically elected leader, he’s very patriotic, he served in his country’s military, and what’s more, he’s educating and feeding the people in his country.  He’s really trying to look out for the poor, which is more than any American president since Lyndon Johnson can say, and even Johnson was helping himself out on that front by sending hordes of the poor to die in Vietnam.  Chavez also said in his speech to the U.N. yesterday that the first enemy of the American people was the American government.  I’m with you there, too, Hugo.


The reason most people in this country can’t stand this guy is because he’s a leftist, he’s a socialist, and we’ve been trained since the 1950’s that whenever we hear “socialist” we automatically think “commie!”  Maybe he’s a commie, and maybe he’s also a shameless and inveterate self-promoter, but he’s also actually trying to do something about poverty in his country.  That counts for something with me.  And he referenced Hitchcock in his U.N. speech.  When was the last time Bush referenced Hitchcock in a speech?


That being said, I wouldn’t vote for Chavez if he could run for something here.  I admire certain aspects of the man, I don’t find him to be evil and I don’t think he wants to be an enemy to the American people.  But hearing a head of state invoke the devil puts me off just as much as Bush constantly dragging God into every idiotic decision he makes.  Besides, if Bush were the devil, I’d hope he’d at least be a better orator.  The devil is tempting and persuasive, so there could be none of this “nuke-u-lar” shit.

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