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Steve Likes to Curse
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Dueling Christmases: Hitchens vs. the Baby Jesus 
Friday, December 12th, 2008 | 05:54 pm [holidays, music, religion, video]
As you all probably know, or could guess, or have read, I celebrate a very secular Christmas. I love trees and wreathes and Santa and Rudolph and jingle bells and silver and gold and pretty lights and mistletoe and snowmen (but not the snow so much), and I love dinner with my family and opening presents and watching Miracle on 34th Street, and all those other godless holiday pursuits that have doubtless earned me a primo suite on the shores of the Lake of Fire. Maybe I'll see Baby Jesus there, because as far as I'm concerned he can go to Hell, too.

Harsh. For that, I apologize. I'll make it up to you. First, here's a video from last year's "Very Special, Very Secular Christmas Party," thrown by Reason Magazine and featuring a short speech from Christopher Hitchens — who, unlike God, is pretty great.
Then, just to prove I'm not one of those strident dickheads who begrudges the faithful their good time, here's a video of John Denver from The Today Show in 1996, singing my favorite religious Christmas song, "O Holy Night." It's a great song, and if you can nail that high note, brother, you're okay in my book.
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