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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
Have You Seen This Bear? 
Monday, December 29th, 2008 | 09:34 pm [random]
There will be no podcast today. McAsherson and I were preparing to record earlier when it occured to us that it might be fun for our final show of 2008 to have Jack MacPherson, that adorable alcoholic bear who has won the heart of America, on to regale us with his whisky-soaked Irish charm. Then we noticed that Jack did not seem to be anywhere around. Then we remembered that neither of us had seen Jack since at least the day before yesterday.

We went looking for him. Went went to Pete's — well, all right, McAsherson went to Pete's, since she has been looking for an excuse to go there for awhile anyway — but none of the regulars had seen him. Neither Stuffy nor Toby Benson knew where he had gone, either, and Ottie only speaks Spanish, and not very well, and is fucking impossible to understand sometimes, so she was no help.

So we've been in crisis mode today, scrambling around searching for him. If any of you happen to see him — he is a brown stuffed bear with a denim jacket and no pants, about six inches tall, with a pronounced Irish accent and breath that probably smells thickly of booze — contact me immediately, please. He is not dangerous, but his personality ranges from sort of pleasant and foggy and benign to vicious and belligerent, depending on how much he has had to drink.

Hopefully, we will have tracked him down by tomorrow night and The Snark-Gap Transmission will be back on. I bet the furry little bastard will have one hell of a story to tell. He had better.
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