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Steve Likes to Curse
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Too bad he was a Yankee all them years . . . 
Sunday, January 25th, 2009 | 01:23 pm [baseball, commentary]
And to think I rooted for the cancer . . .

In an upcoming book by Tom Verducci, The Yankee Years, former skipper of the Evil Communist Bastards, Joe Torre, has some unkind, unflattering, and extremely gratifying things to say about his time with the team, specifically about Alex Rodriguez and General Manager Brian Cashman.

According to this MSNBC article on the book, Torre claims that Cashman betrayed him on several fronts during his time with the team. I for one find the suggestion that the general manager of a Major League Baseball team could be untrustworthy a little hard to swallow, but who knows? Anything is possible.

Most satisfying to me, Torre also tells Verducci that teammates dubbed Rodriguez A-Fraud, and that Rodriguez had an obsession with Derek Jeter — different than my obsession to abduct Jeter and break him on the rack in a secret dungeon, I am assuming.

A-Fraud. Heh.

If anyone has cause to rip into the Yankees (other than the players of the 29 other teams and the millions of fans of Major League Baseball), Torre does. During his tenure as manager, the team never won fewer than 87 games, never finished lower than second in their division, qualified for the postseason every year, and won the World Series four times. By any reasonable measure, Torre was an astounding success as manager of the Yankees. You would have to go back to Casey Stengel to find another skipper so dominant. Torre was fired (well, his contract was not renewed . . .) in 2007, following a season where the Yankees won 94 games and qualified for the postseason for the thirteenth consecutive year. George Steinbrenner considered this a failure.

Now that he is no longer in the cursed pinstripes, but rather managing the Dodgers out in sunny L.A., I feel a little more free to celebrate the accomplishments of Torre the manager, and acknowledge what a classy son of a bitch he is. I hope he rips the Yankees a new asshole in this Verducci book, and I hope it sells a million copies.

Good for you, Joe. I am glad the cancer lost.
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