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Steve Likes to Curse
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David Frum is reading my goddamn mind 
Monday, March 16th, 2009 | 09:07 pm [commentary, politics]

Note: The podcast is delayed again this week. I’ll have it up tomorrow at some point. In the meantime . . .


David Frum, my new favorite Republican, has brought out the heavy artillery in his unknowing quest to redeem American conservatism in my eyes, taking aim at my least-favorite right-wing mouthpiece of all time, the unfunny and increasingly irrational Cocksucker-Hall-of-Famer Glenn Beck. Check out what Frum had to say in this article posted this afternoon at NewMajority.com:


What the hell is going on at Fox News?


On Friday evening, Fox viewers were treated to an hour-long televangelical special starring Glenn Beck. . . .


The audience for Beck’s Friday night special were each given copies of two books. One of them was Cleon Skousen’s Five Thousand Year Leap. Skousen, who died in 2006, is one of the legendary cranks of the conservative world, a John Bircher, a grand fantasist of theories about secret conspiracies between capitalists and communists to impose a one-world government under the control of David Rockefeller.


There’s always been a market for this junk of course. Once that market was reached via mimeographed newsletters. Now it’s being tapped by Fox News.


Frum also earns my everlasting admiration by mocking Beck’s mortifying tendency to “cry” during his show (he just cares so damn much, you see), and by pointing out that Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who could kill Glenn Beck five times before he hit the ground, intellectually speaking (and physically speaking — and Christ would I pay to see that), doesn’t seem all that impressed by his new colleague at the Channel, either.


Beck has always been a bad comedy act (who, like the worst comedy acts, thinks he’s a great one), but since he jumped from CNN Headline News to Fox and found an audience on TV to go along with the one he’s been cultivating on the radio for the last few years, he has morphed with breathtaking speed into an utterly shameless, and deadly earnest, alarmist demagogue. As Frum reports, Beck’s Friday night special was replete with conspiracy theories, including the well-worn X-Files subplot about the U.S. government, under the auspices of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, constructing secret internment camps into which it plans to relocate most of us for whatever sinister purpose. Beck claimed to have researched the FEMA camps for several days and, to his horror, was unable to debunk them. This sort of thing makes Sarah Palin seem almost respectable.


Like Cleon Skousen and the John Birch Society, whose conspiratorial and feverishly anti-communist platform Skousen staunchly defended, Beck is a credulous buffoon who succumbs easily to paranoia and hysteria. Since its founding, the Fox News Channel has been accused of showing a marked conservative/Republican bias in its coverage and analysis of the news. But after seeing them throw a spotlight on such a clown like Beck, I have to wonder if they’ve really been trying to sabotage the movement from the inside all this time. I mean, they can’t really be this stupid, can they?

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