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Steve Likes to Curse
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Mos Def vs. Christopher Hitchens, with Colbert vs. Beck on the undercard 
Friday, April 3rd, 2009 | 02:48 pm [humor, politics, video]
Bill Maher had Salman Rushdie, Mos Def and Christopher Hitchens as guests on Real Time last week, and things got a little testy between Mos and Hitchens right at the end. The topic was the Taliban, and whether or not they had ever published a manifesto ala Karl Marx or the Unabomber. Hitchens and Rushdie both pointed out that the Taliban and their sisters in al-Qaeda have released scores of videos over the years wherein they tout their fanatical religious zealotry, outlining their goals in great detail.

But that, as you will see, was not good enough for Mos:

I am tempted to call this one a well-earned ass-kicking on Mos Def, courtesy of one Christopher Hitchens, but maybe I should stop short. See, I am such a fan of Hitchens that I approve of pretty much anything he says and does. Someone could post a video on YouTube of him cracking a baby skull-first into a coffee table and feasting on the raw brains and I would probably think it was awesome. I just have no objectivity. Fucking Hitchens.

Here is another one for this glorious Lazy Bastard Friday. This is a clip from The Colbert Report where Stephen gives the contemptible Glenn Beck a little taste of what he deserves:

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No hesitation this time: A well-earned ass-kicking to Glenn Beck, courtesy of one Stephen Colbert.
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