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Steve Likes to Curse
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Tea parties ain’t what they used to be 
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 | 04:31 pm [commentary, hagerstown, news]
This year some Americans have chosen to mark tax day by holding “tea parties” to protest high taxes and excessive government spending. Apparently a few of these protests will be attended by elected representatives who are promising to collect tea bags from people there, which they will then deliver to President Obama. Does that seem vaguely threatening to anyone else, or am I reading too much into it?

We had a “tea party” of our own here in Hagerstown. The great Rick Rottman
blogged about it over at Bent Corner, and posted an excerpt from a press release promoting the event. You can read the press release in its entirety at the Hagerstown Tea Party blog, where you can also check out the schedule of events for today’s three-hour tea party, which will give attendees the opportunity to take part in some bold and courageous acts of political protest, including:



Ceremonial dropping of tea bags into pool!

Sign-waving on the Dual Highway!


And what tax protest would be complete without a speech from our spineless and useless local representative Delegate Chris Shank?

Hey, as I’m writing this it’s about 4:30, which means if you’re in the area and you leave right now, you might make the tea party in time to catch the “up-to-one-minute comments by dignitaries.” Which dignitaries? You’ll just have to find out. Though I wouldn’t want to bet against the guy who owns the barber shop on Franklin Street being there. And maybe John Rambo and a few of the guys from the wrestling school. Wouldn’t meeting them be neat?

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