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Steve Likes to Curse
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Gay penguins make good parents 
Monday, June 8th, 2009 | 03:02 pm [gay equality, random]

Earlier in the spring I took a creative writing class, and there was a girl who professed great knowledge and love of penguins. She was also a diehard Tolkien fan, thus again proving that old adage about nobody being perfect. But back to the penguins. She seemed to know a lot about them, including how many species there are (like 20, which blew me away when she said it, ‘cause I would have guessed, like, three). I wonder if she knew what great parents same-sex penguin couples make.


I got this from Metro.co.uk, by way of Weird Universe:


“Gay” penguins hatch chick


Two “gay” penguins have successfully hatched an egg that was rejected by its parents, a German zoo claims.


Zookeepers say the two penguin dads, Z and Vielpunkt, are now rearing the chick as their own.


“Since the chick arrived, they have been behaving just as you would expect a heterosexual couple to do,” the zoo told BBC News.


A loving, responsible same-sex couple raising a child just as a heterosexual couple would.


Imagine that.


Despite stories like this, and the countless incidences of same-sex human couples raising normal, well adjusted children, there are still many who claim that gay adoption should be discouraged, or flat-out prohibited, on the grounds that it isn’t natural.


It’s perfectly natural, of course, not just among humans but among a wide variety of animal species in which homosexuality has been observed, both in the wild and in captivity. I know, I know — two male penguins raising a chick isn’t analogous to two men or two women raising a human child. It’s not the same thing with people, it’s more complicated, more issues to consider, yes, yes. Always getting ahead of ourselves, us gay rights supporters. Maybe it won’t seem so bad once the rest of the world catches up.

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