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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
As long as I’m shitting on Bill O’Reilly 
Sunday, June 21st, 2009 | 12:42 pm [commentary, politics, television]

There’s a saying that dates back to the infancy of our species. It goes something like this: “You can’t shit on Bill O’Reilly too much.”


I know that’s always been my philosophy. And since I cited a great piece by Roger Ebert taking a swipe at O’Reilly yesterday, I figured today I’d quote this piece by Joan Walsh, writing about her appearance on The O’Reilly Factor last week.


Check out Walsh’s assessment of her conversation with Bill:


If I’m sorry I did the show — and I’m not yet sure I am — it’s only because of one thing: He used me to try Dr. Tiller again, postmortem. He brought out uncorroborated stories he claimed he’d never shown before: a 13-year-old girl (I couldn't see her or verify her story) who claimed Tiller killed her baby and had her deliver it in a toilet. He featured psychiatrists who from a distance challenged Tiller’s findings that women were in danger if they delivered late-term babies. He continued his “profiteering” charges, claiming that Tiller charged $6,000 per abortion; I said, “Bill, you’ve always said it was $5,000, so that’s interesting! And I know he did some for less and pro-bono.” I think that’s when he cut me off and denied that, but I’m not sure. But, jeez, it did get worse. He also accused me of calling him “a vile accomplice” to Scott Roeder, and I jumped in, “I called you vile, but I never called you an accomplice.” . . .


I told him that he was within his rights to think late-term abortion should be illegal, and that he should work to make it so. But right now it’s legal. I compared his position to that of gun opponents. We can legally, under various circumstances, own guns. But some gun opponents would like most guns, especially handguns, to be illegal. What if those folks started a crusade against gun dealers, maybe picking out one in particular, saying he had “blood on his hands,” “he should be stopped,” all the O'Reilly Tiller quotes?


Sadly, Bill cut me off and derided that comparison as stupid[.]


The point of inviting Joan Walsh onto the show in first place, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, wasn’t to argue the case against late-term abortion, or examine in an intelligent and honest way various factors that may have contributed to the murder of George Tiller. It was to slap her around on national television for trying to make O’Reilly look bad. He’s not a working-class hero, he’s not looking out for you; he’s a thug.

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