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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
It’s the blog’s third birthday! Time to self-fellate! 
Sunday, July 5th, 2009 | 10:55 am [barack obama, best of, history, politics, religion]
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Today makes three years since I started this dirty little blog. I’ve posted 1,143 articles (counting this here one) and, with a little help here and there from the lovely and gracious Ashley, I’ve never missed a day. You see that, Ripken? I’m comin’ for your ass.


This last year the blog’s really seemed to catch on. I now have four or five regular readers, and I feel like fucking George Will whenever I think about that. I try to see myself as the George Will of infantile Star Trek comics. I had the opportunity to write about everything from movies to professional wrestling to the most momentous presidential campaign of my life.


Owing mostly to concerns over flexibility and cramping, I’ll keep the blowing of my own horn to a minimum. Below are my five favorite articles (with maybe one or two extras) from the third year of Steve Likes to Curse.


People Physics — I wrote this almost a year ago after attending a few of the Philosophy Sessions at the library in Smithsburg. It’s an analogy of politics to physics. In such analogies, individuals are usually compared to atoms, but I think a better comparison would be quantum particles. People aren’t nearly as predictable as atoms.


History. — This was written the day after Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. It’s my attempt to wax rhapsodic about my generation’s moon landing. There’s also a tip of the cap in here to John McCain, who was not well served by his party and the right-wing media, and who, despite his complicity in unleashing Sarah Palin on an unsuspecting public, I still respect. But John only gets like a paragraph. It’s mostly about Barack. And that’s only right. He won, after all.


Holy Moses! — How the Story of God’s Greatest Prophet Demonstrates the Depravity of the Bible — I like this one for two reasons. First, it’s me shooting my mouth off on one of my favorite topics: the horrific violence and bigotry and other assorted immorality to be found in the Holy Bible. Second, it led to a great conversation with a man named Woody, who read the article and engaged me in a friendly debate over Moses and the morality of the Christian god and all sorts of other stuff. Woody’s what I would call a good Christian, a guy who has not allowed his deep religious faith to rob him of his reason or his civility. Thanks again, Woody.


Oh, how I’ve longed for the ping of the bat — A completely factually inaccurate account of how aluminum baseball bats came to be used in high school and college ball, despite the fact that no professional league has ever used them. Well, not completely. The first intercollegiate baseball game was played in 1859 between Amherst and Williams College, and Amherst did win with a score of 73-32, but pretty much everything after that is totally made up. Except the names — hard as it may be to believe, there was in reality a baseball player named Heinie Zimmerman. There was also a real Harry Heilmann, who did win the 1925 A.L. batting title, though he didn’t do it swinging at Easton Magnum, and he didn’t bat .736 for the season. The bit about Jimmie Foxx winning the batting title in 1933 with a length of bamboo filled with concrete is 100% true, though.


I HAVE taken the Limbaugh Challenge, dumbass — This was specifically a response to an editorial by Andrew Klavan, though it deals in general with a charge I find particularly irritating from apologists for right-wing pundits like Limbaugh or Ann Coulter. Complaints and criticisms about a given writer or radio host are often answered by their defenders with “Oh yeah? Well, have you ever even read them/listened to them?” That presumption of ignorance really pisses me off.  As though it’s impossible that you might have a problem with Limbaugh or one of his imitators because you have listened to him, not because you’re just a parrot repeating something you read on Media Matters. Not only is it possible, I’m living proof that it actually happens. I’m critical of Rush Limbaugh because I’m familiar with him. I used to listen to him all the time, and I didn’t need anyone other than Rush to convince me of what a dishonest loud-mouth he is.


So there ya go. Honorable mentions go to “Batman vs. Glenn Beck” and “The story of my failed career in advertising” — the former being my favorite comic from the last year, and the latter being one of the most gleefully tasteless humor pieces I’ve ever done. This past year I also tried doing theme weeks for the first time, with Batman Week in July of ’08 to mark the theatrical release of The Dark Knight, and Star Trek Week this past May with the release of the new Star Trek film. Batman Week included “World’s Thickest”, the best Adventures of Superman comic I’ve yet done.


This article about the discharge of Lt. Dan Choi for violating the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is one I’m proud of, too, both because it’s a decent piece about a subject I’m passionate about, and because it was my first contribution to The Gay-Atheist, a terrific blog you should all be reading.


Thanks, everybody.

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