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Steve Likes to Curse
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The music of Goldfrapp is not for me 
Sunday, October 22nd, 2006 | 05:35 pm [music, ranting]

Friday night we went to Borders and Ashley bought an album by Goldfrapp, which I had never heard of until last week when she heard a song playing on a commercial and pointed and said, “That’s Goldfrapp!  Brian loves them.”  The fact that I had never heard of them was no big deal; I haven’t heard of most music.  Brian’s endorsement raised a red flag.  He’s a good dude, hilarious, and he’s been friends with Ashley since they were kids, but his music sends me off a cliff.  Acts like Tori Amos and Franz Ferdinand, which I can’t stand, and to which I can now add Goldfrapp.  Not just add – push to the top of the list.

I listened to Ashley’s Goldfrapp album with her on the drive back to her apartment.  The music of Goldfrapp is not for me, sir.  I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys hearing the same three or four lines sung again and again over a series of digitally embellished dance beats indistinguishable from one another.  If you love music that is repetitive and proudly, willfully meaningless, then I heartily recommend Goldfrapp for you.  I would personally have rather listened to a colicky infant for the same amount of time, but what are you gonna do?

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