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Steve Likes to Curse
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World Series blather, and best birthday wishes to the universe 
Monday, October 23rd, 2006 | 08:51 pm [baseball, history, humor, religion]

Last night was Game Two of the World Series, and was a terrific game at that.  The Tigers won 3-1, scoring their three early and holding the Cardinals scoreless until they threatened to rally in the ninth.  The Cards got one run over, but that was it, and the Tigers evened the Series at one game apiece.  I’m rooting for a nice long Series this year.  The last two years have been four game sweeps – by the Red Sox, obliterating the Curse of the Bambino in 2004, and the White Sox, doing the same to the Black Sox Curse in 2005 – so a six or seven game Series this year would be nice.  Plus, both teams are so easy to root for that it’s hard to pick a favorite.  With the Cardinals, you’ve got a team that has been great for years, has made it to the last two World Series only to be swept out in short order, that might finally have a chance at winning one; the Tigers are coming off their first winning season in 12 years, trying to become the first team ever to break such a long streak of losing seasons with a World Series championship.  They’re both old teams, going back to the origin of the modern Major Leagues, they each have awesome history, and they’re both full of players who deserve that ring (especially the Cardinals – look at this team, with Scott Rolen, Albert Pujols, Jim Edmonds just to name a few, and tell me they don’t deserve to win this thing).  If I had to pull for someone, it’d probably be the Tigers, just because I am an American League guy, born and bred, but if the Cards win it and make it good, I’ll still be happier than L. Ron Hubbard on a Boy Scout camping trip.  Go, World Series.


Today is also quite auspicious for reasons unrelated to baseball.  This date, October 23, 2006, marks the 6,010th anniversary of God’s creation of the universe!  Yes, according to the chronology compiled by 16th Century scholar and archbishop James Ussher, God broke ground on his intelligently designed pet project – everything – just around nightfall on October 23, 4004 B.C.  Ussher arrived at this precise date and time by cracking open his Bible and spending the next several years counting up the genealogies of prophets and kings, and connecting Biblical events to events in the known historical record, making his chronology completely accurate and 100% true.  His work does not address the central question of the young creationist philosophy – Did dinosaurs live side-by-side with humans, or were their fossils planted here by God to test our faith? – because dinosaurs were not scientifically classified until the 19th Century.  Besides, Ussher was a holy man, not a historian; how billions of years worth of geological and biological development could possibly have occurred within just over 6,000 years was none of his business.  So, happy 6,010th, universe!  You don’t look a day over 6,009!


. . .


Actually, you do.  You look many, many days over 6,009.  Many.
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