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Star Trek Easter eggs you might have missed 
Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 | 03:55 pm [humor, star trek]
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Yesterday the new Star Trek film came out on DVD and, like a good consumer, I raced out to Target and bought a copy. The film itself was every bit as fun and entertaining as I remembered from seeing it on the big screen a few months ago. In fact, to a sharp eyed viewer like your humble servant, the latest and almost greatest Trek movie is even better on DVD and Blu-Ray than it was in the theaters.

It’s the same movie — no bloated director’s cut like Watchmen, no extraneous extra scenes — but it’s packed with amusing Easter eggs that you can easily miss even after multiple viewings if you don’t know what you’re looking for. These were snuck in by the special effects teams, and some were there already prior to the movie’s DVD debut.

Most of the visual effects for Star Trek were done by Industrial Light & Magic, the effects house that also handles the Star Wars films. Those ILM guys love to insert Star Wars stuff into Star Trek movies. Remember this one?

See that? It’s Han Solo’s very own Millennium Falcon, joining Starfleet in its battle against the Borg in Star Trek: First Contact.

The ILM team pulled another one of these good-natured pranks while working on the effects for Star Trek. Check out this frame from the Enterprise’s arrival at Vulcan following Nero’s attack.

There’s ol’ R2D2 floating amongst the wreckage seen on the Enterprise main viewer.

These inserts from ILM were all in good fun, just a little harmless ribbing from the Star Wars guys. So naturally, Paramount executives totally flipped out when these Easter eggs were brought to their attention. Instead of ordering R2D2’s cameo erased from Star Trek, the studio had the clever idea to hire their own effects team to take another pass at the film prior to yesterday’s home video release, and insert a few Easter eggs of their own. The results were disturbing, a little scary — and hilarious. For starters . . .

We all remember this amusing scene from the picture, where Kirk is discovered by Uhura hiding under her roommate’s bed. But unless you watched it one frame at a time, you probably missed this vindictive little dig at Star Wars inserted by the Paramount team: Luke Skywalker digitally placed in the scene at crotch level to make it appear as though he has been orally pleasuring the young James Kirk. But that ain’t all.

Blink during the meeting between young Kirk and old Spock in the ice cave and you’ll miss this gruesome Easter egg depicting the torso of Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi being roasted by our heroes on a spit. Did the midichlorians in his blood help to tenderize the aged, leathery meat? We’ll never know.

This one is the most bizarre of them all. Hit the pause button at just the right moment as Spock enters the Enterprise bridge for the first time, and you’ll catch this image of an anonymous African man making love to a goat with the head of Star Wars creator George Lucas. I’m not sure how to take this one. Perhaps it’s a criticism of the lack of visible black characters in the Star Wars films. Or maybe someone just thinks it would be funny if George Lucas were transmuted into a goat and then fucked up the ass. I know I do.
Monday, November 23rd, 2009 | 12:00 am (UTC) - Obi-Wan's robe is not authentic
I'm pretty sure that the real Jedi robes are made of a muslin derivative. The robe that Obi-Wan wears in the scene you mention, where he's being roasted is clearly some sort of blend closer to pure cotton. I think the effect could have been much more impactful if this Jedi was not wearing a bogus robe while rotating on the spit.

Just one man's opinion!
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