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Steve Likes to Curse
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An Hour Out comes into focus 
Saturday, May 1st, 2010 | 08:40 pm [film, personal]
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A few weeks ago I mentioned the film I was writing with Neon Reel Entertainment. Since I first mentioned it, we’ve lost our location (boo, hiss, Antietam Battlefield), but found our cast. Yesterday we had our second script read-through, and the first where we had almost everyone there to run through the whole thing. This project has been fun from the start; now I think it also has a shot at being very good.

Our cast is strong, and everyone is really taking to their roles. These are non-actors, with jobs and lives beyond this little movie we’re making, but the dedication and determination Matt and Tony have inspired in them is impressive. Everyone seems to really believe in the film (which is flattering, considering it’s my script), and they’re all doing a splendid job to this point (which is a relief, considering it’s my script).

Besides a cast, thanks to Rob (playing our Tommy) we now also have a title: An Hour Out. I wish I had thought of it, I love it so.

Seeing something you’ve written brought to life by other people, who get what you’re trying to say, but are saying it so strongly in their own voices, is thrilling. Matt and Tony have ideas for future projects, and I’ve got a few of my own. The most exciting thought right now is knowing that, once An Hour Out is finished, there’ll be something else right behind it. I gotta say, it’s pretty cool.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more on this from me, and check out the Neon Reel website for the latest on our forthcoming horror short, An Hour Out.
Monday, May 3rd, 2010 | 06:18 am (UTC)
Awww. I'm am really excited for you! Too many years ago, I helped my husband and his band put a video together, and it is still one of the best memories we have together. Enjoy. You will have so much fun with this. And who knows, maybe you're the next Kevin Smith?????!!!!! Can't wait to see it (my audio is down right now.) Have fun!
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