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Steve Likes to Curse
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And a Shepard shall lead them 
Friday, November 17th, 2006 | 03:13 pm [commentary, news, video]

There’s one reason to watch Fox News Channel, and that reason is Shepard Smith.  Seeing this guy on Fox News is like diving headfirst into a swimming pool full of diarrhea and finding Honus Wagner’s baseball card at the bottom.  I’m assuming whoever put the Honus Wager card at the bottom of the diarrhea pool made sure to seal it in a protective Mylar sleeve first.


Shep’s two hours a day on Fox News Channel used to be appointment television.  He hosts Studio B at 3 p.m. Eastern, and The Fox Report at 7 p.m.  With school and spending time with Ashley, I don’t much watch him anymore, but it’s usually a treat when I get to.  On a channel overrun with Sean Hannitys and Neil Cavutos, not to mention that braying jackass John Gibson, who takes great pride in his inability to pronounce the name “Mahmud Ahmadinejad,” Shep is the only one to display an ounce of balls or integrity.  While loudmouthed egotist Bill O’Reilly prostitutes himself as a champion of the working man, Shep quietly claims the title simply by doing his job as an anchor and a reporter.  In the hours after Hurricane Katrina, Shep stood overlooking a bridge filled with evacuees from New Orleans and told his audience they had been left there without food or water.  He appeared on Hannity & Colmes to report on the closing of the bridge from New Orleans to nearby Gretna, shouting passionately, “Over there [in Gretna] there is hope, there is food, there is water, but people from New Orleans can no longer go there because the government will not let them!”  Go on, Shep.


He’s also just a cool dude.  In 2002 he accidentally said “blow job” on the air, and the shit-eating grin he wears during his apology is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  What’s a newsman the caliber of Shepard Smith doing working in a cesspit like Fox New Channel?  I don’t know, but in a way I’d rather have there, where he routinely draws the largest audience in cable news, than on CNN or MSNBC where no one would be watching.  Here are a few great Shep Smith moments, courtesy of those time-wasting bastards at YouTube:


Shep on Hannity & Colmes at the Gretna Bridge shortly after Katrina.  The video quality is terrible, but you get the idea:





From Studio B, Shep interviews Bill Kristol about the Iraq war and the election.  Kristol tries to make excuses for Bush/Cheney/et al, but Shep has none of it.





Another one from Studio B.  Jane Skinner makes a Freudian slip and Shep and the crew have a good laugh.





This is the “blow job” one from 2002.  The member who posted it calls it “Biggest News Blooper Ever,” which I doubt, but it’s definitely one of the funniest.

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