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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
O’Reilly’s only ever right when he agrees with me, and he even fucks that up 
Monday, November 20th, 2006 | 11:01 am [commentary]

Fucking Bill O’Reilly.  The worst thing that guy ever did was get a radio show.  Now instead of just an hour on TV, he’s also got two hours on the radio – three full hours every Monday through Friday in which to chase the dead air by running his mouth.  Bill, haven’t you figured out by now that the more you talk, the more you’ll say something stupid?  Or if not stupid, at least immensely hypocritical?


Check out this, from Think Progress today.  Apparently Bill has decided he doesn’t like iPods.  I’m with him on that one – I even wrote an essay about it on this very blog.  But as usual, even when Bill has somewhat of a point ( “somewhat” because the quote on Think Progress where he rants about “these computer people” being impossible to talk to makes him sound like the paranoid old coot still waiting for an explanation why Little House on the Prairie was canceled), he cuts his own legs off by being a big fat hypocrite.  Witness this ad from Bill’s own website, displayed in the Think Progress article, for premium memberships at the O’Reilly site:


Other Member's Only features include: Embedded images and 56K support!

That sure looks like an iPod in which that bald eagle is trapped.  And did the well run dry on those member benefits or what?  Podcast Bill’s boring ass radio show?  Photos – of what, may I ask?  God help you if the promise of photos of Bill O’Reilly convinces you to drop who knows how many bucks a month to be a premium member of the O’Reilly website.  And message boards – as a premium feature?  I guess when you expect to be flamed as much as Bill O’Reilly does, requiring a paid membership to access the boards is a prudent move.


As fun as it is to make fun of what a sanctimonious, egotistical, clueless fuck is Bill O’Reilly, I suspect the real explanation for this shocking display of hypocrisy is that Bill has no idea what the fuck is on his website.  One of the web design guys he contracts to build the site put up the iPod ad because it was easy and it seemed to make sense, being that podcasts are one of the benefits of membership, and when Bill decided to shoot his mouth off about iPods on the radio he had no idea he was about to sound like a total douchebag.  You can’t blame the guy, really – you know how upset he’s been lately about O.J.
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