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Steve Likes to Curse
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Washington, Washington (County), What Have Ye Done? 
Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 | 04:27 pm [commentary, hagerstown, news, politics]
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Yesterday was the Maryland primary election. Here in Washington County, the good news is my 11th grade English teacher Jackie Fischer got the second-highest vote total in the Board of Education race, which means she advances to the general with a really good shot at making it onto the board. And she’s not even the only former high school English teacher of mine to have a good day yesterday — Neil Becker, my 10th grade English teacher, officially clinched the Democratic nomination in the District 2A House of Delegates race.
It’s a shame Mr. Wood left for Bahrain after my 9th grade year; he’d have made a fair county commissioner.
The bad news is that our next state senator in District 2
will be this guy
Incumbent Don Munson is a good and decent man, always willing to listen to his constituents, but well past his expiration date. It was time for him to go. But the fact that the people of Washington County could find no one better to succeed him than an impotent, pandering twerp like Chris Shank is disappointing — or would it be better to say “troubling”?
No, no, I’ve got it: “fucking infuriating.” Yes, that says it quite nicely.
Munson has yet to officially concede, even though Shank won with 57% of the vote. Munson is apparently considering running as a write-in candidate in the general election, though I doubt that will go anywhere.
Writing-in Don Munson on November 2 isn’t the answer, nor is Chris Shank, braying jackass that he is, ultimately the problem. The real cause for concern is this: yesterday was only the primary. There was no Democratic candidate for the District 2 senate seat. The seat has been safely Republican since Munson first assumed office in 1991, but in the last two elections there has been no Democratic nominee. The two-party system is bad enough when both sides are participating — what’s the point when one party doesn’t even put up a fight?
Chris Shank winning a seat in the Maryland State Senate wouldn’t make my day under any circumstance. But allowing Chris Shank — anyone, really, but especially that worthless little fuck-bastard — to walk into the senate uncontested is a disgrace.
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