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Steve Likes to Curse
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Presenting the In Plane Sight drinking game! 
Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 | 07:54 pm [film, humor]

Like I said, I got these 9/11 conspiracy movies from Darren.  The second one I watched is called In Plane Sight.  It’s just as bad as Loose Change with its lack of coherence and tendency to mislead.  I didn’t feel like composing a proper review, but I did want to write something about it.  So, I now present to you . . .


The In Plane Sight Drinking Game!


I suggest playing the game while watching the movie with a 9/11 conspiracy theorist friend of yours.  When it’s over, you can look at your friend and say, “If 9/11 really was an inside job, then why am I so fucked up right now?!”  To a typical member of the 9/11 Truth Movement, this argument will be airtight.  The evidence, afterall – your excessive drunkenness – is right in front of their face.


Watch the DVD of In Plane Sight, keep a shot glass and a bottle of your favorite booze handy, and take a drink whenever:


  • Host Dave vonKleist holds a book or DVD box extremely close to the camera
  • VonKleist cites callers to his radio show agreeing with a particular argument as supporting evidence
  • vonKleist spends long minutes belaboring a totally insignificant point (like the Pentagon’s roof not collapsing right away)
  • vonKleist uses a serpentine run-on sentence to explain his point
  • vonKleist refutes an insignificant source (like People magazine or a hastily published book he bought at the supermarket) and then acts as though he has called the entire official story into question
  • vonKleist engages in shadow play by refuting insignificant or imaginary criticism
  • vonKleist counts things on his fingers
  • vonKleist uses the word “obfuscate”
  • vonKleist attempts to use events completely unrelated to 9/11 (prior or subsequent plane crashes, the Oklahoma City bombing, etc.) to suggest something about what may have happened on 9/11
  • vonKleist jumps to a conclusion with little or no rationale (like over Larry Silverstein’s “pull it” quote)

If you’re going to play the drinking game, please only watch about the first ten minutes or so of the movie, to ensure you don’t die of alcohol poisoning.

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