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Steve Likes to Curse
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Dog vs. Dog: Does Barack Obama Deserve to Be Re-Elected? 
Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 | 01:05 pm [commentary, dog vs. dog, gay equality, humor, politics]
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With many supporters unhappy with continued U.S. involvement in three major ongoing military operations, and the perceived sluggishness of promised social and political reforms, and a vocal crowd of detractors reflexively attacking everything he says and does, does Barack Obama deserve to be elected to a second term as President of the United States? 
Okay, let’s all calm down. A cool head comes naturally to me, what with spending 95% of every day asleep, plus my head is filled with tiny particles of Styrofoam. But for some of you other folks, it just takes the smallest thing to get you all worked up. Allow me to put things in perspective.
Barack Obama has not been the president that his most enthusiastic supporters thought he would be. He’s been in office for over two years now, and things here in the U.S. are still pretty much the same as they were before. American troops are still in harm’s way in foreign countries, the income inequality between the rich and the poor is worse than it’s ever been, and far-right movements are starting to attack basic rights of working people like collective bargaining — and actually winning!
And don’t even get started on the decision to try 9/11 conspirators before military tribunals instead of in civilian courts as previously announced. He hasn’t said anything about it here, but Steve’s pretty pissed off about that one. [Editor’s Note: Oh yeah, that’s some bullshit. —Steve]
But, but, buuuuuuut — this disappointing president also passed healthcare reform. I know it was timid and weak and barely even there, but it was still more than any president since Lyndon Johnson has managed, and it’s not like those other guys weren’t trying. And people have complained about how slow he’s been moving on repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and other gay rights issues, but even if the only thing he ever did was direct the justice department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, he would still be the most pro-gay-equality president in the history of the country. Can he do more? Yes! And he should! But let’s not allow the shortcomings of his presidency to make him out to be a total loss.
Also, need I remind you of who the president was before this guy?
This all comes down to one question (other than the one at the start of this piece, anyway), I suppose: Am I going to vote for Obama? The answer is no; I am a stuffed dog, which means I am unable to vote outside the city of Chicago, and I just don’t feel up to the trip. But if I could, I would. He hasn’t done that bad, he’s done some good things, and it looks like the other major party is gearing up to nominate the most embarrassing candidate ever — whoever it might be! There are so many possibilities!
Anyway, to answer the original question: Yes. 
I know it’s not usually my thing, baby, but I actually took this one seriously and did some research and came up with a really serious, in-depth, carefully considered answer to the question. I took some time, examined the various issues at play from all sides, and produced what I think is a really objective, thought-provoking examination of the Obama presidency.
So here we go.
The first thing we need to consider is the disparity between the expectations for Obama’s administration, and the reality of the last two years. To whit— 
Blah blah blah! Nuts and phooey to you! “Who will the humans choose as their president?” Who cares! I’ve come to talk about something important! The new World Champions of American College Basketball are the Huskies!
And may I say — of course they are! Huskies are a superior breed, far more skilled at all forms of athleticism than other, lesser species. And these weren’t just any huskies — these were the Yukon Huskies!
Those lousy mongrel bulldogs didn’t stand a chance! Husko be Praised! The Huskies are the Champions of the Universe!

Thursday, April 7th, 2011 | 12:48 am (UTC)
Trump 2012!

(I kid, I kid.)

Sunday, April 10th, 2011 | 06:29 pm (UTC)
I hope he runs, actually. The more birthers and religious fanatics clogging the Republican field, the more entertaining next year will be.
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