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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
Dog vs. Dog: Should Weiner Resign? 
Thursday, June 9th, 2011 | 04:42 pm [dog vs. dog, humor, politics]
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Now that he has admitted to texting and tweeting sexually explicit images of himself to various women and lying to cover it up, should Representative Anthony Weiner resign from Congress? 
It pains me to write this, being a liberal fellow who admires Anthony Weiner for his dedicated service to his district and his genuine wit, both of which are virtually existent in either house of Congress these days, but yes, I think he needs to resign.
Correction: he doesn’t need to resign. He hasn’t been convicted of a crime, he hasn’t been expelled from the House of Representatives, he hasn’t done anything to officially disqualify himself from continuing to serve. But he should resign.
Weiner is my favorite congressman. Steve has never said those exact words to me, but I can tell from our many political talks that he thinks very, very highly of Mr. Weiner, too. Even with this recent scandal, I would rather have Weiner representing my district than a desiccated, partially animated skeleton like Roscoe Bartlett. But the painful truth is, Weiner did something stupid. If a Republican had done what Weiner did, I’d probably want him to resign. Actually, lots of Republicans have done what Weiner did, most recently Chris Lee, and he resigned. I thought that was the right thing. I think it’s what Weiner should do.
He’s been a great member of Congress and a great voice for the Democratic party, but his job is too important and the country is too full of capable, talented people to overlook this and just let him stick around. It sucks that what might have been a great career has been stained like this, and it sucks that a shrill, bitter, fuck-dumb little attention whore like Andrew Breitbart gets to brag about releasing the photos and bringing down this rising Democratic star, but it’s all Weiner’s fault. He was an idiot, he brought it on himself, and now he should end it once and for all by stepping down.
And he should do it soon. If I have to hear one more unfunny rightwinger make a “weiner” joke, I’m going to throw up.
(That’s just an expression, of course. I do not actually eat, or perform any bodily functions, so I can’t actually throw up, as I am a stuffed dog.) 
So he sent a few babes some pics he snapped of his Johnson. What’s the big deal? Didn’t somebody else get caught banging some chick in his office with a cigar? I’m pretty sure he got to keep whatever his job was.
People always act so shocked at this sort of thing, even though a) it happens all the time, and b) everybody does it. Don’t even bother trying to deny it. Like you all weren’t taking snapshots of your junk when you got your first camera-phones. This guy, whatever his name is, just took it one step further. He sent his pictures to other people. But since when is that a crime? Hell, I thought it was just what people did now. Maybe not everyone is sharing pics of their privies, but I see the stupid bullshit you people post on Facebook. “Oh, I’m going to work now!” And I give a fuck because . . . ? “Tuf day 2day, had 2 get an aborshun.” I’d say the kid’s better off, wouldn’t you? And all these videos Steve puts up there. Like anyone wants to see that fool crying about fucking Twilight.
The point is, everybody does perverted stuff and everybody overshares. Welcome to the fucking planet Earth in the year 2011. But because this guy is some elected official, we expect him to quit his job over it. That is hypocrisy, my friends — not texting dirty pictures to some chick that’s not your wife.
(That is hypocrisy, correct? I’m using that word right?)
Get over yourselves and cut this guy — what’s his name — Weiner — some slack, before you . . .
“Weiner”? That’s the dude’s name? Seriously? Let me see what this guy looks like — holy shit! What a nerd! Oh my fucking god. I bet he, like, played the clarinet in his high school band or something. This guy was sending pictures of his cock to chicks? That takes guts. No, no — balls. That takes balls.
And that’s what we need more of in this country! Christ, you people are crazy for saying this guy should quit! Don’t listen to them, man! Hang in there! Stand firm, Weiner!

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