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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
Steve Watches Wrestling #10: Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts 
Saturday, July 6th, 2013 | 08:25 am (UTC) - Gaga/Wrestling
You are the first wrestling fan I've ever encountered who's willing to admit how bad it is. I applaud you for admitting that it's incredibly homo-erotic and also for being perfectly okay with that.

As for Gaga: I used to have a real hatred for her. I thought her music was horrible and that she was just another way for record companies to appeal to morons. So you can imagine my shock when I totally fell in love with her.

I think it started when I heard Bad Romance. Or, should I say, when I saw the video. I think I stopped to watch because of the striking imagery, and then I noticed the scenes where she's in the bathtub with very little makeup on. In that moment, the appeal of Gaga made sense to me. For all of the girls (and guys) who have felt too ugly to be fabulous, here's a woman, who is by no means conventionally beautiful, that isn't hiding. Yes, she often wears masks of various kinds, but she's just as comfortable wearing no mask at all. She's sort of a low self-esteem superhero, in that regard. The drama-club-butterface's revenge, if you will. I mean that in the best possible way.

But what of her music? Like wrestling, the music itself is pretty mindless. Purely candy for the ears– meant to induce dancing. However, there are a lot of subtle lyrics sprinkled into her songs that I think are pretty clever, if you pay attention. I also like the message of Born This Way. I think the whole concept is pretty clever. Because usually, religious people use their god to generate hatred for homosexuality, and it creates a divide between homosexuality and one's desire for god. So here's this song, being heard by millions of kids, and it's telling them, "God makes no mistakes." Like, boom. No more divide. No more excuses for hatred. Even though I take issue with the belief in gods, I love the way the song deals with the issue.
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