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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
Look Who Signed Maryland's Anti-Gay-Marriage Petition 
Friday, July 27th, 2012 | 12:38 am (UTC) - look who signed maryland's anti-gay marriage petition
thank goodness for upstanding people like steve shives who speak out against religious hatred and homophobia.i firmly believe that people who are gay have the right to get married and it will not make straight marriage any less special besides those who sign anti-gay marriage bills need to grow the fuck up and stop acting like selfish children who don't want to share.hopefully this anti-gay marriage bill won't get passed into law.corey donaldson
Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 | 08:59 pm (UTC) - Update?
Powerfully put as always Steve. What happened? How did the vote go? (I live in Britain so haven't followed this development.)
Glas M
Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 | 09:18 pm (UTC) - Re: Update?
The vote went the way I hoped it would. Same-sex marriage is now legal in my state!
Monday, August 18th, 2014 | 08:55 am (UTC) - Wow...powerful
Thank you Steve for sharing those personal details and thoughts from your past about your family. Its always hardest to disagree or to think ill of family, isn't it? These are the people you love and care for, and when your ideologies start to stray apart, it takes a lot of courage to hold to your convictions, especially when you are in the minority.

Growing up, my younger sister was an incredibly optimistic freethinker, as I am. We were two peas in a pod when we were younger. She's been married twice now, and each of her husbands have been racist, bigoted asses...coming from racist, bigoted families. Her second husband is a bit better then the first, but still poisonous. And over the years of her marriages, she went from the sweet, freethinking girl I grew up with, to becoming a bigoted parrot, spewing the same hate her husbands do. I've never been married, and I hold no claims to know anything about marriage, but I'm smart enough to know why she changed and where she gets all her misinformation from...and maybe she feels she needs to comply to make the marriage stronger...I don't know.

Her current husband's parents are anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Obama, gun loving and carrying, common sense-ophobes. At her wedding, because I'm not really a drinker, I was designated driver for the bridal party for their post ceremony pub crawl. We had to take my brother-in-laws parent's minivan to fit everyone. On the back, proudly displayed, was a "I Stand With Scott Walker" bumper sticker. I don't need to tell you how much of a destructive, waste of space douche bag he is. I fully support their right to display their beliefs for everyone to see, but in that short half hour I drove the van, I felt dirty, unclean, sick... hoping no one I knew would see me getting out of the van. Every time a car passed us on the left, I would turn my head a bit so they wouldn't see me. Silly, I know, but thats how disgusted I felt.

My parents are slowly becoming poisoned thru association with this new added family of ours. They hang out a lot, going out to dinners, being in bowling leagues, and going on vacations together. My parents were even convinced to join the local Elks Club with them. And I don't know about Elks Clubs nationwide, but this one is Tea Party/KKK headquarters, with a dash of the Empire's Death Star mixed in. During one Easter dinner at my brother-in-law and sister's house, they talked a lot of anti-Obama, anti-health care, anti-black, anti-immigration Glenn Beck type stuff. His parents are Tea Partiers, in case you hadn't figured that out lol. After dinner, they went out to shoot guns, the father proudly strutting around with his holster like in the Old West days, thanks to his concealed carry permit. I'm convinced this is the TRUE reason behind concealed carry...Old man/boys who want to strut around and look like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. After that, they passed around a petition to sign to get our Lt. Governor back on the ballot for the next election...she is a Scott Walker parrot obviously, and almost as damaging to our state. They also passed out Walker yard signs. Then I saw my parents both sign the petition, even though they had no idea who she was or what she stood for. They both claim not to follow or care about politics. They basically signed it to please their friends and not make waves. Before the petition got to me, I politely excused myself to the bathroom and waited until it went away. I know now that was cowardly...I should have stood for my convictions and refused to sign it. But I was in the lion's den and afraid of making waves and pissing my sister off, whom I love dearly, despite her leanings. I was afraid I would have buckled under the pressure. Signing that petition would have meant I was okay with 4 more years of anti-Obama everything, anti-health care, anti-job, anti-gay marriage, and pro-special interest, pro-big corporate welfare, pro-big money campaign finance, and pro-taking our state back to 1850. I am glad I walked away because of that.


Monday, August 18th, 2014 | 08:57 am (UTC) - Wow...powerful ( continued )
Since then, I have tried to talk some sense into my parents, showing them ALL sides of our political mess in this state. When they are alone with me, they seem to agree, but I can't speak as to when they are with the "other side". I just hope I can get them to see reason and investigate all sides before they turn.

So yes, it is most difficult to go against those you love, or look up to. And it hurts deeply when you discover things about them you wouldn't have guessed in a million years. When I was a child, my father was my hero, as a lot of boys feel. But as I get older and my father gets older and more bitter, I see all the cracks in his once perfect, gleaming armour. The best I can do as I get older, is vow to never turn out like him or his father, who held even worse views.

I truly believe as the older generations die out, the newer ones will usher in a better world of equality and common sense, and hopefully a lot less religious. I acted like a coward when they passed around the petition and hate talk...but thanks to your videos and a new feeling that I'm not alone in the world, I will be a coward no more. If I ever have children...they will never see cracks in my armour, because I've learned from the best.

Thank you for your time Steve,

Jay Wendt
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