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Steve Likes to Curse
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Back at it 
Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 | 04:14 pm [college, personal]

Yesterday was the start of the spring term at HCC, so I’m back at school.  A month for winter break was nice, but almost too nice — I’ve grown accustomed to waking up whenever the hell I felt like it and spending the day watching DVDs and poking around online.  That gets old after awhile, though.  Being back at school and having something to do is actually a relief.


Yesterday was Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, and Basic Screenwriting.  The teacher of the screenwriting course is Doug Hessler, who has a few motion picture credits to his name, as producer and writer.  He’s from around here, which is a little odd for a dude who makes his living in the movie industry, but heartening all the same.  Even odder is the fact that all but one of the films to his credit listed at the IMDb are German films.  How a dude from Hagerstown winds up writing films in Germany must be a mildly amusing story.  He seems like a nice guy, though, very relaxed, very knowledgeable.  He’s had a student pull a knife on him in class and a student stalker, both within the last few weeks, so that’s interesting.


Today was Biology 101.  I haven’t taken anything close to an actual science class since my junior year of high school, so we’ll see how this turns out.  It was the first class I’ve taken at HCC so far that’s been in what I imagined college classrooms looked like.  High ceiling, amphitheater seating, sliding chalkboards.  The other classes I’ve taken have just been in normal rooms with desks (except the screenwriting course and the film course I start Friday — they’re in an auditorium).  Bio is my first class taught in a space that resembles Professor Lambeau’s room in Good Will Hunting.  Exciting.
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