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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
Five Stupid Things About NASA 
Saturday, September 6th, 2014 | 05:19 pm (UTC) - NASA
Hi Steve,

I sincerely believe its going to take an 'Armageddon' moment for the US government to give two shits about our space program again. Its going to take a huge asteroid plummeting straight for earth, set to impact in a few months, for our precious leaders to stop campaigning and sucking cocks for special interest donations to their upcoming elections, and pay attention to something other than polling numbers. That is, if there's enough funding in the first place to even SEE the asteroid approaching with enough warning.

Sadly, as with so much else in our country, it takes a WAKE UP moment to do what was the right thing to do all along. But equally sad, even after that moment, our politicians end up doing very little when someone comes along and dangles more money in front of their unzipped pants.

Maybe... if we convinced them that there is campaign money ripe for the plucking on Mars, we'd be setting up Dollar Generals and Walmarts on Mars by the fucking year's end.

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