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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
You Had to Ask #48 
Friday, September 6th, 2013 | 08:48 pm (UTC) - you had to ask # 48
first question: have you ever watched the john carpenter films escape from new york,the fog,big trouble in little china and the prince of darkness? second question:which actor would cast to portray lex luthor in your man of steel 2 film? third and final question: have you ever listened to any song by the rockband the cult? corey donaldson ps if were in directing man of steel 2 i would consider casting either bryan cranston,liam neeson or gary oldman for lex luthor.if you enjoy listening to great rock music check out the songs by the cult on youtube like go west,a flower in the desert,rider in the snow,bad medicine waltz,she sells sanctuary,love,hollow man,brother wolf sister moon,wildflower,peace dog,love removal machine,aphrodesiac jacket,sunking,american horse,soul asylum and edie (ciao baby).
Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 | 07:26 pm (UTC) - Re: you had to ask # 48
Hey Corey,

I loved Big Trouble in Little China and Prince of Darkness. I assume you've seen Carpenter's 'The Thing'...Carpenter seemed to like working with Kurt Russell as you can tell by his choice of leading men. Lex Luthor...thats a hard one. You listed some good ones, especially a bald Bryan Cranston. I really don't have a good choice for that.

take care

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