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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
Five Stupid Things About Alcoholics Anonymous 
Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 | 10:07 am (UTC) - AA myths
Hi Steve,
A lot of what you said was accurate, however I wanted to point some things out:
1. Betty Ford uses the 12 step model, hence your backdrop was incorrect :)
2. Powerless has to be taken on a spectrum. The point of the powerlessness is to have a starting point from which one gains "power". power = control, but not in the sense of controlled drinking, but control to not drink despite urges/temptations, etc. In your video you described someone with an "unmanageable" drinking problem - whats the difference between that and a "powerless" drinking problem?
3. es, the 12 steps have God, and I agree with the criticism of it feeling more "religious" than "spiritual". The Higher Power cant be a rock, or a lightbulb, or doorknob. That is some dumb shit and I wish people would quit saying that. It needs to be something that you can believe in that can help you gain back power...for some, it is just the big forces of Life - Death, or Order- Chaos (even factors that atheists tend to agree exist in the universe). And for others, itsthe communal CAUSE that they can get behind.
4. AA isnt meant to be therapy, but it can be therapeutic. Most treatment centers send people to AA. Why? Because most people arent rich enough to afford long term therapy. Hell, even the 28 day treatment stay is virtually a myth now. people are lucky to get 7-14 days, assuming you are having bad detox symptoms (delirium tremens). AA = Free, though they do pass a basket around to help collect money to pay for the room they use and coffee provided.
5. Yes, "God" is all through the 12 steps. This is a product of when AA (the book) was written, late 1920s where Church was a staple of community life. Sorry atheists, you might just have to skip or substitute that word.
6. If AA weirds you out, you might take a look at a similar group called (and I'm not shitting you on this one) "Alcoholics For Christ"
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