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Steve Likes to Curse
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Chapters One and Two - An Atheist Reads Simply Christian 
Friday, March 21st, 2014 | 01:33 am (UTC) - I'm ashamed to admit...
Howdy! I hadn't heard of this 'simply christian' apologetic before. This was brought out when talking with friends while watching this video... apparently a lot of others had to cover it at sunday school.

I had trouble reading this: it might as well have been written in Kantian or some other tense-sensitive transitive language: i'm presently reading Sardar and futures from that perspective.

The arguments are always so vague with these apologetics: god is x, the proof is y... the ambiguity is z. I'd be happy if apologetics spent more time with the first one, god is x. How does that operate - is it an external entity, some sort of lifeform, or is it a 'social construct' (so, the mentality of a given church).

There's often no method offered for how to test for God's presence. Believers suggest that belief is the gold standard, that those with the belief and proper conduct live better quality of life - a corollary of "People get what they deserve". However, that could be explained via sociology and several sciences --- that constructs and social darwinism prepare people to make better choices, etc. Its a self fullfilling prophesy, based on maintaining discrimination in clubs...

I still think that acts of spontaneous creation would be the strongest proof: of reality being tangibly and inexplicably altered in real time - ie, ask, and you shall receive a Ferrari. But thats been tested in the past, with the fly jar experiment... and again in recent times, with Higgs-Bosons and newer subatomic levels of reality, and its still looking bleak that spontaneous creation could be feasible.
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