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Steve Likes to Curse
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Godspeed, Mr. Belvedere 
Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 | 02:27 pm [fish, personal]

Mr. Belvedere, the orange fantail Ashley and I got over the summer, passed away sometime this morning while I was in class and Ashley was at work.  He’d been having a rough time the last few weeks, swim bladder problems and a recent bout with fin rot, but he hung in there for as long as he could.  I just dipped him out with the net, and gave him a nice sendoff before I flushed him.  He was Ashley’s favorite.


I make too big a deal over something like this, I’m sure.  I get far too attached to simple little creatures who probably don’t even know I’m there most of the time.  He was a good fish.  I don’t know what exactly would make one a bad fish, but all Belvie ever did was swim around the tank enjoying himself.  He was funny and beautiful and he made me happy, and I’ll miss him.  The other two, Stevietta and Jackie O, are fine, flitting around the tank just as fast and bright as ever.  If they even realize Belvie’s gone, they don’t show it.  They’re oblivious to death.  All they know is swimming and eating.  I envy them.


Say hi to the others for me, Belvie.
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