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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
A delightful exchange with a grateful reader 
Tuesday, March 6th, 2007 | 03:49 pm [ann coulter, personal]

For the last week or so I’ve been submitting articles to the website American Chronicle.  Yesterday they published a piece I wrote about the whole Ann Coulter “faggot” fiasco.  Not the “Letter From Jesus” I posted here; a somewhat less inflammatory (and less funny) work.  It’s linked right here, if you haven’t read it and want to.  I’ve gotten some interesting responses emailed to me.  Here, for example, is one I received this morning from a refreshingly fair-minded fella named Ed (at least that’s what his From line said — there was no signature).  I promise you I have not fucked with this at all — this is exactly what he wrote and how it looked:


Ann Coulter got it perfectly correct!

“Outrage?” Ann deserves kudos, a medal and a banquet!

Edwards and his liberal ilk are stomach-turning pukes and anyone supporting them, likewise.

There is no place in America for the public display of faggots, and even less excuse for people like you condemning speech.

Fags, faggots, lessies, dykes — oooh, I said a naughty word!

These aberrations call and focus attention upon themselves and deserve what their faggity behavior reaps.



Note the misspelling of “faggoty.”  Anyway, here is what I wrote back to him just now:


Firstly, thank you for writing.  I will now deliver to you the considered and civil response which your email in no way deserves.


My article wasn't about whether or not it should be "okay" to call someone a faggot.  Ann Coulter (like you) is a bigot, but bigots have the same rights to their views as I have to mine.  My intention was to focus on the lily-livered response to Coulter's bigotry offered by the Republican candidates, all three of whom are proponents of their party being a "big tent" type organization.  I'm sure you have no such aspirations for the Republican party, but nevertheless.


On another subject, you are aware that John Edwards is not gay, correct?  Meaning that Coulter's attempt to insult him was not only juvenile and homophobic, but the worst kind of intellectual laziness, since there are plenty of legitimate gripes about Edwards she could've articulated.  Instead of offering some meaningful critique of his candidacy (afterall, she's such a SMART woman, we're always told) she chose simply to call him a faggot and leave it at that.


Finally, there is plenty of room in America for everyone, the Ann Coulters and the John Edwards, and other people who actually are homosexual.  Coulter can call anyone any name she wants -- she can stand up in public and shout "faggot" and "nigger" and all the other hateful epithets she can think of for all I care.  I never said she shouldn't have the right to do it.  But those of us who find her and her ilk repugnant have the right, some would say the responsibility, to speak up for ourselves.


Thanks again for writing, and sorry for going on so long.  I hope you got someone to help you with the big words.




I don’t know, though . . . I feel sort of silly putting that much time and thought into responding to a guy who probably won’t read it anyway.  What the hell does he care what a Coulter-hating fag-apologist like me has to say, anyway?  I’m all broken up over it, to be honest with you.  Really I am.
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