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Steve Likes to Curse
Writing, comics and random thoughts from really a rather vulgar man
You Had to Ask #101: 9/12/2014 
Friday, September 12th, 2014 | 04:48 pm (UTC) - Daylight saving time
Hi Steve,
I really enjoy your channel, YHTA, Steve and Stuffy,
5 stupid things, I enjoy the whole shooting match.
My question, What are your thoughts on daylight saving time? I think its time we stop fucking with time and leave where its at now. (saving time I think)here in Wisconsin it becomes very annoying to be so dark so early in the Dead of winter.
Friday, September 12th, 2014 | 08:14 pm (UTC) - you had to ask # 101
corey donaldson the freethinker from lethbridge , alberta , canada has some questions to ask steve . i decided to make this an all music question piece. first question: what is your favourite canadian rock bands ? ( my favourite canadian rock bands are the payolas , the tragically hip and red rider ) second question: have you ever listened to any songs performed by the rock band the cult like go west , a flower in the desert , rider in the snow , she sells sanctuary , love , rain , wild flower , love removal machine , sun king , edie ( ciao baby ) and sweet soul sister ? if not i suggest checking them out on youtube i may enjoy them . third and final question: is there a song that reminds you of a nice sunny afternoon in autumn ? the one song that reminds of a sunny afternoon in autumn would be gordon lightfoot's changes.
Saturday, September 13th, 2014 | 04:05 pm (UTC) - the catman
i just wanted to know what your thoughts are on a jesse ventura presidential run in 2016 if he does decide to run he getting my vote because he wont meet with lobbyist and he wont take special interest money and that is what i look for in a canadite. i really like what jesse has to say. what are you thoughts on jesse ventura.
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 | 08:35 am (UTC) - Thank you Steve!
Hi Steve,

I just wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for putting my question up on your YHTA segment #101. It honestly meant the world to me to see that you not only took the time to read and use my comment, but you also spent a good deal of time answering it. You have no idea what that means to someone like me who is rarely acknowledged in day to day life. Because of that, and I know others feel the same, you have no idea the power you can yield with your videos to make someone's day, which you certainly did in my case.

As for my question about atheism, I really enjoyed your answer and can agree with the valid points you made. I'm sorry if it sounded like I was calling religious people 'stupid', or less intelligent then atheists...that's not what I intended. I see how two reasonably intelligent people could look at the same piece of artwork, or play, or book, or film, and see two totally different things. That doesn't mean one person is smarter then the other just because they hold a different view or come to a different conclusion. You make fun of the 'Twilight' films sometimes, and when you see them, you may see garbage, but when I saw them, I saw incredibly HOT vampire women who could turn or kill me any day of the week! In other words, I wasn't in it for the story lol.

So thanks again for giving me your thoughts and your time when you answered my question. It was a TOTAL surprise seeing you use it, and it truly made my weekend!

Keep up the excellent work!! I'll ask something else next time. Don't want to be greedy.

In your debt,

Jay Wendt
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